THE MILL is a series of 8 black and white photographs I shot in the B-W Feed & Seed feed mill in New Hamburg, Ontario. The mill had recently celebrated their 50th anniversary being owned by B-W, and held an open house where patrons were able to tour the premises and see how a feed mill works. I was very interested in the history of the building, having been built in 1845 and then rebuilt in 1889 after a fire. 

Though the water power ceased to be used in the 1950s, most of the original machinery and mill race are still intact beneath the building. I found the contrast between the antique machinery and the additions of modern machinery to be very intriguing; I loved that they preserved the old stuff, while still keeping up with newer technology.

For this series, I wanted to capture the history and character of a building that has remained an integral part of New Hamburg’s daily life for over 170 years. 

You can read more of an extensive history of the mill and surrounding area at

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